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​​​Tantric Yoga is a holistic approach to the study of the universal from the point of view of the individual.

Tantra Yoga

Tantra is a very effective method that supports you to find harmony with your body on a physical and energetic level. The structures in Tantra offer us a way to find strength and balance on a daily level.        

Beside food, breath and movement are essential for your life energy. The more complex and intensive your range of breath and movements are the more alert and healthy you are.

Tantra-Yoga supports you with its specific movement and breath structures to rediscover joyous loving and optimistic feelings.

Beside individual structures it includes partner exercises to support the conscious creation of the interplay between two bodies. In meeting the other body you increase your capacity to relate with others. Your ability to love and your sexuality are the strongest resources you have on the physical level. The exercises of Tantra-Yoga reconnect you with these resources, the source of life that keeps refreshing you up into high age

The word tantric literally means "expansion." True tantric yoga is a pure path; rather the goal of tantric yoga is to awaken and harmonize the male and female aspects within each person in order to spiritually awaken and realize the whole universe as an expression of the Cosmic Mother - Shakhty, the divine life force, or Spirit.

Tantric is a holistic approach to the study of the universal from the point of view of the individual. The aim of Tantric Yoga is to expand awareness in all states of consciousness, in order to live our lives without too many problems. Tantric Yoga helps us to identify the various factors that influence our thoughts and feelings and to transcend the obstacles to our evolution arising from ignorance, intolerance, attachment to our animal nature, and selfishness. By refining our thoughts and feelings by means of these Tantric Yoga practices, we learn to create peace, harmony, and order within ourselves and   help us to free the consciousness from limitations.


The tantric massage targets three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, in order to find this feeling of unity which connects us with the divine. By reunifying us, it frees us from the guilt feeling which cuts us from life. Tantric massage is Love, opening and abandonment.


The tantric massage is at the same time sensual, tender and spiritual.  It’s also very re-sourcing since it is practiced while being centered and being connected to the vital energy, which functions as a source whose flow irrigates all the chakras and gives the force to open one's heart and spirit. Massage is something that you start - but that you never finish- there is no direction, which continues indefinitely, and which becomes gradually deeper and higher.

The massage is a subtle art; it is not just a question of skill. It's more about real love, If you feel love and compassion for the other person, if you look at her as a priceless energy, if you are grateful for her trust in you, and for the fact that she let you play with her energy, then, more and more, you will have the impression to play the organ, and you will feel the creation of an harmony in you.- Not only the person, but the giver also, will be relieved. 


When Ι massage, I only massage! I do not think of other things. « Between my fingers, my hands, as if my existence entered there, Ι do not be satisfied with a physical touch. «Your heart penetrates in the body of the other, and the most difficult complexes are relaxed.  - Osho -


Tantra Massage for WOMEN       


 Tantric massage treatments are designed to be highly enjoyable - truly relaxing - and beneficial at the same time.In a massage session the receiver is the one  to decide between leaving all behind and surrender to the simplicity of Here Now or take the massage to be another moment of relaxation and another body to body fun with tantric as a fantasy or as prop.


The receiver must be willing to surrender to massage, as we say let the body respond to the touch the way it is natural for it to respond, and let the Truth of the moment speak for itself. It is this simple. Nothing else is needed from this simplicity and emptiness to take care of itself. This is the very beauty of a Tantra massage session.

Our massage sessions offer a perfect Space of Intimate. The whole focus is in the receiver, not on the giver of the massage session.

Shiva is trained and qualified as practitioner is taken as another instrument of meditation. The Meditative state rises with massage itself. It is so simple. The pleasure and the joy comes from the simplicity of perfect SELF that you already are. 


Tantra Massage supports the receiver of the massage by providing a space for Inner Peace and Tranquility but also of absolute and unconditional freedom to welcome and express, sensations, feelings, emotions that arise spontaneously and spontaneously disappear.


The one Aware of this pleasures, emotions, and sensations is the One we enquire about it.Tantra massage  is  not  simply another  kind of  erotic massage, it  rather  is a highly  erotic touch- worship massage- virtual that was interwoven to a real artwork. Our bio-energy (sexuality) will be awakened in a respectful and heedful manner and will be extended through out the entire body.


We understand that the human body is already erotic, orgasmic, and sensual. As such we massage the human body without any goal, any expectation.  We have no set agenda as we have no dealings with the realm of, good or bad, mind. Shiva is here to share this skill of Peace Love and Tranquility fully with you.

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