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       Yoni Massage 
Tantra's ultimate goals!!
Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word for vagina and means "sacred temple''

​Yoni Massage

Yoni - Is the female sexual organ and representation of the Goddess. It is a Vedic term meaning

"the source of all life." It is loosely translated as "sacred space" or "sacred temple." In Tantra the Yoni

is seen from a perspective of love and respect, offering an alternative for many of the less honouring Western terms.


Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word for vagina and means "sacred temple." A yoni massage is a tantric technique designed to release tension and bring renewed physical and sexual energy to the receiver.

In Tantra, the yoni is sacred and is a worshiped part of the female body. The yoni massage is highly sensuous and a strong connection.


Yoni massage techniques vary and do not only focus on the vaginal area. The approach is designed to 

open up and awaken the Kundalini which is a coil of energy located in the sacrum.

This area is related to the seven major Chakras of the body, and yoni massage will help open and unblock the Chakras to provide renewed energy to the body. This is a highly sensual experience and allows the woman to access the body's natural healing ability, creativity and native intelligence


Over thousands of years of research the Taoists have discovered which areas and which points on the body cause the sexual energy to flow. A persons in which the sexual energy can flow freely, attracts others like a magnet and  they are relaxed, healthy, and exude vitality. When certain points, including ones specific to the genital area, are touched and activated, the entire body comes newly alive.


Over the entire body there stretches a net of reflex points which connect all the areas of the body. Important centers are to be found, amongst others places, in the yoni, the lingam, the hands, the feet, and the ears. These points correspond to organs like the heart, lungs, spleen, and stomach, and have thereby a direct influence on our health and well-being.


The treatment has been  specially designed for women who want to enjoy their time,  exploring deeper their sexual side while  they  gaining several health benefits as well.

The word "Yoni" or "Yo-nee" in Sanskrit means "vagina", but it is often used to represent the female pelvic region in general. The area is believed to be the center of many important nerve endings that govern sexual energy. When stimulated properly, the Yoni region can be the source of explosive sensations that are truly enjoyable


Finding any of therapists  Yoni massage is easy today, since the Internet and other directories listed a various professional services.

It is important to remember that the methods and approaches may vary, we all offering about similar- about the same, with a slight difference. - But this small difference makes it so much better.


 In a yoni massage session you can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere, designed to help in relaxation. With a soft and soothing music or sound effects from nature are played. This helps free the mind of troubling thoughts and makes it easier to give oneself over to the process. Massage oils are also used - If desired, a  massage therapist  will happily use essential oils to add scents to the massage oil for a therapeutic effect.






Any  yoni massage is a unique and enlightening experience. 

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