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Remaining Healthy, Happy, and Positive during Testing Times


We may have lost a limb or an important internal organ. A loved one may be going through a psychological crisis and have started behaving in an irrational way. We may have just found out that our spouse is cheating on us or that our child is taking drugs or is very unhappy. War, floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are all testing times. And most intense for us all is the loss of a loved one.


Today we- as a global community – are going through a financial crisis in which many are being tested in myriad ways. Although everyone is, or will be, affected to a different degree, we are all passing through testing times concerning the economy, environment, and peaceful stability. The suggestions in this chapter are applicable to all types of testing times, regardless of whether they are personal or social.


It is very natural for us to feel concerned about our future when we see the economy taking a downturn, people getting laid off, basic needs not being met, and anger building up in many sectors of society. Me and You, like many others, might naturally be feeling pain, fear, anxiety, betrayal, anger, and even hate toward those you believe are responsible for what has happened and is happening. These emotions, however, do not help us deal with the situation effectively. They disrupt and weaken our nervous, endocrine and immune system, this compromising our health, vitality, clarity, and ability to deal effectively with life’s pressures and demands.


Additionally, negative feelings attract to us – through the low of attraction and manifestation – even more of what we are feeling negative about. We energize and attract realities by fearing them or holding strong emotions toward them. In such cases, our relationships suffer while our pain and frustration continue to increase. Our thinking becomes more confused and we react compulsively, making less enlightened decisions.


During testing times we need to be very much in touch with inner power and wisdom, so as to maintain our health, happiness, peace, love, and unity with our family and society. This is an opportune time to develop our inner wisdom, strength and guidance. The essence of what we need to remember is that what is happening to us and around us, is not a mistake or some kind of punishment. It is something that we have all chosen on a spiritual level as an opportunity to let go of old limiting beliefs, emotions, and values and move forward in our emotional, mental, social, and spiritual development. We have all chosen together (on a spiritual level) to create these times in order to give ourselves the opportunity to move forward individually and collectively. We have much to learn and much to gain by dealing positively with what is happening.


                                                                                                                                                                - Robert  Elias Najemy - 



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