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Yogasanas for the modern man

Modern man today has numerous accesses to physical comforts and sensual pleasures. He works in an office, sleeps on comfortable bed, travels everywhere by car, using sleeping pills and all kinds of drugs to find peace and relief to offset the negative impact of modern life. Instead of the peace, comfort and happiness he ends up with physical, mental and emotional tension, and cannot find a way to free himself from the frustrations and concerns of society.

 Yogasanas have set millions free from stress and diseases associated with modern civilized life, such as constipation, rheumatism, stiffness, stress intensity disappointed. Practitioners in Asanas have more strength and energy to deal with the problems and responsibilities of life. All family and social relationships will be aligned automatically.

You can start a new life with more vitality than you have felt for years. This will develop a broader theory of life, and you will be able to understand yourself and others more easily.


Gradually we begin to feel that we are part of the worldwide brotherhood of all mankind.

Those people who do a lot of mental work will be able to increase their thought power, will have clearer minds and develop greater insight. These people who do manual labour can keep themselves in good condition and release the tension after a hard day's work.
Many people in the last year, especially young people who have turned to drugs. Yoga Asanas are the perfect way to for them to find purpose and peace. The drugs are limited in their perspective, while the systematic practice of yoga leads to the ultimate goal certainly beyond which there is no other.



History and Mythology

The history of Yogasanes as physical, mental and spiritual cultivation is lost in the mists of time. There are references to the oldest known texts of Humanity - the Vedas, which are full of spiritual wisdom, which are recorded by the veteran Rishis and sages of those times-times. A few believe that the science of Yoga is much older than even the Vedas.

In archaeological excavations in Charappa and Mochantzoranto, where we now find Pakistan, have found many statues showing Shiva and his wife Parvatti to perform various Yogasanes. These ruins were once homes of people who lived in the pre-Vedic era, before even beginning to bloom in the valley opposite the Indian River, the culture of the Aryans.


According to tradition and the scriptures, founder of Yoga including Asanas is Shiva. He created all the Asanas and taught his first pupil, the Parvatti.  It is said that originally there were 8,400,000 thousand Asanas, which represent 8,400,000 thousand incarnations, each person must pass before reaching liberation from the cycle of birth-birth-death of worlds Asanas represent the gradual evolution from the simplest form of life until completely veteran man.


It is believed that one person doing the Asanas can bypass all these lives into a life and avoid deterministic progression from one life to the next.


Shiva is considered the symbol, the personification of supreme consciousness. When the individual soul liberated from worldly bondage, reaches the state of pure consciousness.

The mother Parvati represents the whole universe. She is the personification of supreme knowledge. With the grace of a man is liberated (Mukta) and merges with the supreme consciousness. This is the maternal side, representing the great energy that is dormant within us all. This high energy (Shakti) is also known as Kundalini.


Tantra is a combination of two words, and Tanoti and  Tragiati - which denote ‘’enlargement’ and deliverance. Thus Tantra is the science of expanding consciousness and liberation from our constraints. Yoga is the branch of Tantra, both come from Shiva and Siakti. Consciousness and matter are inseparable, simply because one complements the other - just like the fire and heat.

Tantra is the way in which the ordinary man frees himself from the constraints and the cosmic body. While still able to enjoy the worldly things and worldly life. In Tantra, one must first be aware of the limitations, as well as the abilities of the body and mind. After that, the tantric techniques is to extend the worldly consciousness to divine consciousness and then into pure liberated consciousness. For the purification of body, mind and consciousness implementing various Asanas - pranayama, mudras and bandas. It is clear that the same techniques of Yoga have their source in Tantra.


The first exponent of yoga mentioned in the story is the great Yogi Gorakath. In the era of the science of Yoga was not popular, but the Gorakath taught all the Asanas to all his close disciples.

The yogis of the time tended to live away from society in the mountains and forests, where they lived a life of isolation and hardship, taking all their livelihoods from nature.


The animals were great teachers of those Yogis, as they lived a natural life, free from disease. Animals in the wild do not need doctors or drugs to treat their illnesses. Nature is their only help. Many yogic techniques were developed to study the creatures of the forest. So it is no wonder, that Yoga is both natural and effective system to treat disease; now in this modern era, Yoga has spread around the world.


Many doctors and scientists suggest in the practice of Yoga. Intelligent people realize that Yoga is not only for sages and hermits who have renounced the world and have been in isolation, yoga is for everyone

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